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*Proceeds will benefit survivors at the Center of Hope and those who have been reintegrated to their families and communities.

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Birth of Voice of the Free

The year 2017-2018 has been marked by major positive changes in VF’s journey as an organization. Keeping up with the mission of the former VF Foundation to innovate lasting solutions against human trafficking, this year’s achievements and victories recognize the accomplishments and hard work of the VF staff and partners and examine the changes in the Philippine and global society particularly on the new forms of trafficking in persons and modern slavery. Each pillar of the organization is steadfast and rich with achievements that forward the cause to eliminate modern slavery and the various forms of abuses on humanity. Each pillar coordinates, intersects and supports the other areas of work.VF Foundation proceeds strong toward 2018- 2019 with this year’s accomplishments.

On our 27th year, we are stepping up our work to fight modern slavery and boosting our engagement in international advocacies. Hence, we are delighted to announce that we are changing our name to: VOICE OF THE FREE. We will continue our commitment to intensify our vision and mission by amplifying our VOICE to end exploitation and modern slavery. We will continue to live in constant anticipation to see a world where every woman, man and child is FREE, protected, and empowered.

- Cecilia Oebanda, Founder

SEEFAR Report 2019


Modern slavery - the worst form of forced labour - continues to be a major global issue. Despite increased attention from policy makers, academia and the media, very little has changed for victims and potential victims across the globe. Seefar is dedicated to conducting robust research and implementing innovative programmes that can reduce the vulnerability of those at greatest risk.

This Report:

  • Examines the experiences of migrant domestic workers in South-East Asia;

  • Compares (where possible) recruitment processes and working conditions for female migrant domestic workers based on two rounds of fieldwork conducted in 2016 and 2019 across Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Indonesia;

  • Follows the process of recruitment, migration, work, and return from the perspective of over 3,000 current, future, and former female migrant domestic workers;

  • Analyzes the evolution of legal frameworks in countries of origin and destination against the real-life experiences of respondents. 

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